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Flower Care Tips

Congratulations on Your Lavender House Florals!

Congratulations on receiving your exquisite floral arrangement from The Lavender House! To ensure your blooms stay as vibrant and fresh as the day they arrived, we’ve compiled some essential care tips just for you. Quick and easy to follow, these tips will help you enjoy your beautiful flowers for as long as possible. 

How to care for your new bouquet

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How to care for your new vase of flowers

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How to Care for Your Florals with a Hidden Container

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How to Care for Your Underwater Orchids

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Floral Arrangement Care Tips

Flower care

Watering Tips

Your floral arrangement should last for about 1 week with proper care. Aim to change the water out every 2-3 days! Changing the water frequently minimizes bacteria buildup within your vase.

Avoid Sunlight

Contrary to what you might think, your flowers will do best in indirect sunlight or indoor lighting. We don’t want to encourage floral “maturing”, which sunlight will do!

rose bouquet
daisy vase

Cut Stems at an Angle

When your floral arrangement comes home for the first time, take at least 3cm (1″) off all stems, making a slanted cut with a sharp knife or very sharp scissors. Do this each time you change out your water, too!

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During the summer, we get very, very busy trying to accommodate all of the wonderful, loved-up couples who are getting married in Edmonton during our brief warmer months.
Key tips for success: Re-cut stem ends at an angle every 1-3 days. Keep the vase full of water and don't use floral preservatives. Display in cool area away from heat vents.
At The Lavender House, we are  extremely excited about the holiday season! We love creating beautiful holiday designs and letting our imaginations run wild with unique flowers only available during the winter season.